A gentle journey within yourself

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In my yoga lessons the combination of movement and breath is essential, as it is the attention to alignment, to the anatomical and energetical work. In the practice of pranayama and “sthira sukham asanam”  I find the ideal tools to achieve the expansion of consciousness. 

​What I try to convey to my students with my teaching is what Yoga represents to me: a gentle journey within oneself. 

“It might not give you what you expected, but it will give you what you need”

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Return to Yourself


yoga retreat

16-17-18 October 2020

Pontiacq – Villepinte

A moment of enrichment and accompaniment

for a return to oneself


Our breath, our life.




from 3pm to 6pm


@biarritz yoga shelter

Paddle Yoga


10.30am  @Hossegor Lake